Date of establishment of the company:2012
Field of activity: Mass construction
Company Registration Number: 2017(Private Joint Stock)

Sustainable Sazgar Sazgar Isatis Company, which was established in 2012 as a private joint stock company, with the aim of trying to promote our dear homeland, is proud to receive the 2nd level in management and implementation and mass construction in the country, from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and also level 5 Buildings and water have been obtained from the country's management and planning organization and have obtained safety certificates. The management structure of this complex has always tried to play a role in the development and excellence of the country's civil infrastructure in a dynamic and systematic way, relying on the knowledge and experience of its human resources in order to achieve goals such as mass production and promotion, interior architecture and Take steps in government and public projects
With such an approach that meeting the qualitative and quantitative needs of a wide range of customers is a priority, the mission or scope of work of this company is defined as follows:

Design, construction, supervision, preparation of plans and execution of all construction works, including:
interior design
Apartment building and mass construction
bridge building
Heavy concrete and metal buildings
Transmission lines
Land preparation
Installation of industrial machinery
Street and square scheduling project
town Constraction
Road Construction
Buying and selling construction materials and machinery
Restoration of historical monuments and old buildings
Supervision of urban facilities and buildings
Import and export of construction items and machinery

Sazgar Isatis Company currently employs more than 20 people directly (list of company members) and about 50 people indirectly as a private company in the field of design and execution of all construction works. Its movement process is based on a correct management approach in such a way that all processes are followed by the synergy of knowledge and experience based on a systematic, uniform and coordinated thinking.
The determination of the board and senior management of the organization over the years has always been in a way to guide this private group for development and excellence, and more than ever, to address some of the concerns of work and employment of the youth of this region. . Obviously, efforts and investments in this vast field have been associated with many problems and challenges, but the goal of entrepreneurship, directly and indirectly, has been the most important factor that has been considered beyond economic incentives ...

You can see some of the completed projects on the construction records page

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